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Sanctuary for Singers & Song Leaders to Awaken your Voice, Elevate Your Spirit, Connect to the Vibe

Welcome hOMe.

This is your Singing Sanctuary for Cultivating Joy, Connection, and Expression.

Our Vocal Flow Sanctuary Virtual Community and Love & Inspiration Library is a treasure trove of flow-inspiring, educational and motivation goodies to inspire, empower and uplift you on your path of Singing & Spirituality and Yoga & Healing, to help you Upgrade so you can Live your Best Life.

This is a playground of possibility, a garden for growth, and ultimately, a heart-centered community where people gather to give, share or receive love and inspiration.

A place for you to be who you are, as you are, on the journeying of becoming who you truly came here to be...

to help you truly integrate, cultivate and elevate Yoga, Music & Good Vibes into your daily life, 

so that you can create a more fulfilling, passionate, and meaningful life

Our mission here is to Support Curious, Aspiring and Practicing Singers and Song-Carriers to  integrate, cultivate and elevate Vocal Activation, Singing, Music, Yoga & Wellness Practices and good vibes into your daily life, 

whether you're new to singing and just starting out, or whether you're a seasoned practitioner so you can feel Inspired, Empowered, Connected, Joyful and FREE in embodying the full power of your Vocal Expression.

This community is designed to be supportive, inspiring, educational and inclusive space for aspiring and practicing Singers, Song-Carriers and those looking to deepen their connection with Spirituality and Sound to receive and learn new songs, share songs, and connect with like-hearted community to deepen your relationship with the transformative power of sound. 


We need Music, Joy, Community, Connection, NOW more than Ever!

The Vocal Flow Soul Song Sanctuary and Virtual Community is a unique and interactive Space to help you Connect & Integrate Singing & Spirituality into your daily life, and support you to feel Inspired & Supported on your Path of Practice and Personal Growth.  

What we need now more than ever, is to feel authentic connection, embodied expression, aligned community, and to be a part of something meaningful, and purposeful. 

Within this community, You'll get to connect with like-minded Yogis, Musicians and Creatives who are intentionally working towards integrating the principles of Yoga more deeply into their lives.  

Our aim is to welcome Yogis & Singers from around the world, into this sanctuary to feel safe, supported and inspired to connect and share from your heart, your challenges, your victories, your questions. 

"This was an incredible experience. The yoga classes are great no matter what your experience level. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to do yoga, meet lovely people, feel welcomed into a community". - Georgia

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Education & Inspiration

We have courses, stand-along classes & meditations, plus we share blog posts, podcasts and videos that are interesting and relevant to your deepening practice of Yoga and awakening and so much more!


Love & Support  

Love & inspirations to keep you inspired and in flow, presence - you can reach out any time, and ask a question to us or your peers inside the community.


Community & Accountability

Integration & accountability both to yourself and to each other within our sanctuary.

"This was exactly what I needed.  I was having a really tough time with some things in my life and Francie helped me.  Just to have a space to feel what I needed to feel, and to let go of some things that weren't serving anymore. Thank you Francie. I recommend everybody does this”. - Starlet, USA

When you join our Awaken Vocal Flow COMMUNITY, you get:

Easy-to-learn weekly song practices and inspirations delivery directly to your inbox to help you release blocks, awaken your voice and find more joy.

A safe and sacred space to help you activate your voice, freshen your vibes and deepen your spiritual practice through sound.

Plus you receive a Living Library of Yoga Practices, Love & Inspirations, & LIVE VIRTUAL Magic.

Plus, You get FRESH Love + Inspiration | Community Connection + Interaction | Music + Dance | Motivation + Accountability | Personal Growth + Evolution | Education + Healing | Joy + Peace | Grace+ Ease & FLOW!

Everything you’ll learn as a member of the Love & Integration Project will strengthen your connection with Yoga, your True Nature, and Community. 


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Within this exclusive Membership Community, You'll receive Easy-to-Access:

  • Vocal Activation practices and Songs to help you unblock your throat chakra and feel more liberation in expression
  • Yoga & meditation classes and access to our growing library of practices
  • Music - playlists, songs and mantra to move, sweat, and chill-out to
  • Love & inspirations - journal prompts, articles, quotes, blogs, and Q&A to keep you educated, motivated, grounded, and in flow
  • Guest experts sessions - follow your curiosity down the rabbit hole with complimentary and creative topics. We'll talk about things like Ayurveda, Trauma-Informed approaches, tarot/oracle cards, moon and menstrual cycles, hypnotherapy....and more!

PLUS (yes, can you believe there’s more!) 

When you join You get FREE ACCESS to: 

 📚 Off the Mat Creative Expression Workbook - 40 + Journal prompts for Self-Study, Self-Love + Self Inquiry, to help you feel more balanced, peaceful and connected

+ Members-first access & discounts. As an Awaken Vocal Flow  member, you'll get early access to Francie's upcoming programs, plus special 10% discounts and offers on all in-persona special events,

++ BONUS 3-Day Virtual Yoga Retreat for year-long paid memberships package, to help you design a spiritual practice that's simple, meaningful and achievable for you


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Francie  - You'll forever be one of those people on my list of people that has had a profound influence on my life.  Your teachings will always have an impact on my practices throughout life, as your teachers have impacted you. Thank you for all the love, knowledge and support 🌻❤️ - Kylie Davies

About Francie & Pure Flow Yoga

Yoga , Voice & the Art of Mind-Body-Soul Maintenance 

Awaken your Voice, Elevate your Vibes, and Deepen your Spirituality through the Power of Sound

Francie is the inspired founder of the award-winning Pure Flow Yoga school, celebrated as one of the top 8 Retreats worldwide by The Guardian UK. As a Vocal Luminary, Sacred Sounds Musician, trauma-informed Yoga Pro, and Joy-Spreader, she is passionate about inspiring, uplifting, and empowering people to feel free, express authentically, and sing their hearts wide open.

With a mission to dissolve blocks and barriers to awaken authentic and liberated voices, Francie ignites joy and community in aspiring and practicing Yogis, Singers, and Curious Souls. Since 2012, music and ritual have played an integral role in her healing, expansion, and awakening journey. As part of her sacred purpose, Francie helps people use music and singing as a powerful tool to access deeper emotional and spiritual states of devotion and celebration.

Francie has been sharing the healing power of music for over 12+ years, performing at festivals alongside amazing artists and being a featured performer at yoga centers and transformational festivals worldwide. She has guided thousands of Yogis through 200+ transformative Yoga retreats and teacher trainings globally. 

Wearing many hats from Retreat Leader to Teacher Trainer, Community catalyst, Mentor, Life, Vocal Coach, and Business Consultant, Francie showcases enthusiasm and free-spirited energy, seamlessly blending entrepreneurship with intuition.

Known for her vibrant, joyful, and free-spirited approach, she currently mentors Yogis, Teachers, Artists, and Creatives in Life, Business, and Vocal Awakening helping to nurture her student's dharma - soul purpose,  dreams and devotion - authenticity. and expression .

With degrees in Psychology and Education, Francie is a perpetual student of life and is currently immersing herself in the study of Compassionate Inquiry, a somatic psychotherapeutic approach to trauma resolution. An educator at heart, Francie passionately shares the profound power of healing through music. Creating safe spaces, she enables individuals to experience deep joy, connection, and authentic expression, fostering community and self-worth.

Based in Ubud, Bali, at the world-famous Yoga Barn, Francie offers ongoing Yoga, Vocal Activation & Sound Healing Classes. Check out her upcoming Retreats, Teacher Trainings, Vocal Activation Classes, Singing Circles, Sound Healings, Workshops, Virtual Courses, and 1-on-1 Mentorship.

Join us for Yoga Classes, Yoga Retreats, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings, Continuing Education Courses, YACEP Mentorships & 1-on-1 Coaching for dedicated Yogis & New Yoga Teachers to help Deepen your Practice, Find your Flow, Live Inspired.

Why You Should Join Us Inside:

The Awaken Vocal Flow: Love & Inspiration Project & Community is a super-simple, co-creative and interactive portal of connection share growing resources to help support the integration of Yoga and Spirituality into your life. Together we are growing and sharing, having important conversations, meaningful Q&A and spreading supportive resources to help you connect with like-minded Yogis all over the world and stay inspired and on your path.



Who Is the Awaken Vocal Flow Community For?

Well, YOU of course, you beautiful soul!

Here’s a snapshot of the kind of people you’ll find in this Community:

  • People ready to finally integrate a daily practice of Singing & Spirituality into your daily life
  • Everyday Songbirds, Yogis, Creatives, Spaceholders, SongLeaders, New & Experienced Teachers ready to take your practice and purpose to the next level
  • Artists, creatives and spiritual seekers from all walks of life who want to connect with others, deepen their practice, share their experience
  • Community-Lovers, and people who value sharing and receiving resources, and support as they navigate the challenges of life and work towards integrating a daily practice of Yoga into their lives. 
  • Those who are working towards living a more fulfilled and balanced lifestyle who want to connect with like-minded people and gather information!

I am totally enjoying every minute. Thank you!” - Donna Lynch


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As a member of our Vocal Flow Sanctuary & Community, you get unlimited access to:

  • Weekly Songpactices delivered direct to your Inbox
  • A private virtual community and mobile App. and web platform that’s fun to use and easily customizable to your interests (this is not another Facebook group!)
  • In-person meetups when members’ paths cross
  • A growing library of resource guides and courses
  • 15% Member discounts on all courses and coaching with Pure Flow Yoga founder Francie Fishman
  • supportive and friendly global network of Yoga students, Yoga teachers, aspiring teacher, and peace-seeking folks of all types

A Big Thanks

Thank you for being here.  Your presence here really truly means the world. Being on purpose and in service is my dharma, and your being here supports and promotes that.

“Thank you for an amazing experience! It was just what I needed, you are such an inspiration!!” - Paula, USA

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